A Family Tradition

In this family practice everyone helps with the biggest annual event – Christmas.

On the Sunday after Thanksgiving the switch is thrown and nearly 500,000 miniature lights flash to life across the grounds. More than 30 life-size figures decorate the office and grounds, and Bernie Grall spends hundreds of hours of his own time preparing and setting up. The grounds are opened to the public and it’s not unusual to have thousands of people drive through during an evening. From 1990 through 2011, the inside of the building was decorated each year by Bernie and his wife, Marge. During that time tens of thousands of people in our community shared in a Christmas masterpiece.

ABOVE: Tara Plantation sparkles each year from the Sunday after Thanksgiving until New Year’s Eve. RIGHT: Santa Claus himself, Bernie Grall. Bernie’s love for Christmas is evident in his warm smile and friendly demeanor.

Countdown to Christmas At Tara

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Pictured above is the ever-growing Grall family. We’ve added seven members since this photograph was taken. Everyone pitches in in their own way to help with Christmas at Tara.

Bernie and Marge Grall are always on the lookout for new and interesting pieces to add to the display each year. LEFT: This is a toy soldier from one of the Grall’s favorite Christmas shoppes, Marge’s Specialties. ABOVE: Santa and his reindeer date back to 1990 and are part of the original pieces of the outdoor display.